Manhigh Forever

“Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor all these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be”

Music is something terribly personal and public. Some sort of covenant with the gods that allows the human condition to be captured in a moment/feeling and be transmitted without absolute precision to anyone anywhere in the world. It reminds us to breathe, cry, and love. It can turn tragedy into triumph or console you when in desperation. Right now more than ever we need music.

One often wonders why life is fleeting and pain seems constant. Perspective is everything, nothing to detract of the powerful emotions that life and love provide, yet sometimes a newly minted point of view gives meaning where none could be found previously. Sometimes we wonder if the angels we meet, had not fallen, where we would be if we had not met them. Sometimes our patching of their wounds and wings with our love allows them to return to the skies.

The music of the gods strikes a chord in our souls. And for me, a even keeled voice with melodic metal hymns sings over deep, dark, heavy bass and warm drums is all the church I’ll ever need. Manhigh is this brooding force of music and emotion. They are a group of incredibly supportive musicians who are part of this greater southwest movement. They are GodGang and UBR family and family just the same. It’s a moment in time for the Southwest music scene but even more it’s supposed to be a feeling that transcends borders, regions, genres, and communicates with the far reaching corners of the globe. It’s Manhigh forever because that’s just the moment they made for us.

So as a tribute to the band Manhigh and their recent loss of Gabrielle Gambino we wish to share their music with you. We ask that you listen, share, download, and buy their music to support the band and her husband during this time of grief. We all wish to send our love and we can think of nothing better than having their music be her legacy. Manhigh forever!

If you cannot support in any other way please do consider purchasing their music here on Bandcamp. Rest In Peace dear Gabrielle.