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Arrogant Marketing focuses on marketing for small businesses and artists that need time to do what they do best. A business/artist shouldn't have to worry if they are making the best move, how to keep up with social media, and how to market their brand. Arrogant Marketing will be your marketing team, your advisor and work on increasing your brand awareness through social media, digital platforms and press. 



Arrogant Marketing is a marketing firm that believes in innovation and strategic planning to create a buzz around your music and/or business. This team of individuals who share their marketing experience/education with their clients via constant contact, you won't receive a one time service that is transactional, you will receive a team that offers ideas, suggestions, best practices and advice as well as our services. We believe that the right service should fit the right client. We do not accept every business or artist for the sole purpose of believing in the product we market. Our integrity is in our products and this allows our team to remain Arrogant. We strive to continually educate ourselves in current marketing strategies to promise a quality service to every client that hires us. If you feel that you have the personality and attitude for our services please do inquire about our initial free consultation. We look forward to helping you develop as business.



The company name is new but the services offered are not. Our team has studied business across two universities, engaged in small business and music marketing in the Southwest, United States and is looking for clients that fit our branding and style. Arrogant Marketing assigns no negative connotation to the word Arrogant or the brand we represent, we believe humility earns no lasting place in the business world. We seek strong willed individuals to work with so that we may help bolster your placement in an industry that is cutthroat.


"Arrogant Marketing has always gone above and beyond providing credible and timely service for all my music and business ventures. If I need to get the ball rolling this is my only source for doing so!"

/dan k of the shine-average keys-ubr /



Arrogant Marketing has done work with boutique businesses throughout the southwest, the list of expertise ranges from wineries, smoke shops, architectural firms, gyms and a long list of consulting, branding, marketing and other work for musicians all throughout the southwest. Please do check out the blog section for more information on a few musicians Arrogant Marketing has done work for.


"Arrogant Marketing does more than just market your work, they are your team. They are my team and if I need business advice or help in any way they are my go to people."

/  Rahney-aka redhat  /