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The business world is a something that can be overwhelming at times, we at Arrogant want to be your team that helps you navigate through the expanse of information out there. We provide quick consultations at no cost to get an idea if we fit together for your goals/our goals and to plan out your best course of action to achieve your goals. We will discuss paths to success you may or may not have already thought about. The goal of our consult is to get you grounded and ready for maximizing your presence, your monetization and how to find your niche in an ever growing market. Click on "Get Arrogant" to speak with us about your goals and needs.


Business/Marketing Plans

Rates starting at $75-125

Arrogant Marketing achieves greatness by following the age old adage "If you aren't planning, you are planning to fail." This is one of the cornerstones of the business world, a business plan to execute, seek funding with and measure results is not highly recommended but demanded. We also provide marketing plans/campaigns that we will provide instruction and advice on if you so choose. If you would rather spend your time running your brand or business we can provide the plan and the execution for you. We want our clients to grow and will always provide you with best practices so you can succeed with us. Our business and marketing plans are custom made based on your input and goals. We start at $75 for plans that you execute without our assistance if you so choose, and $125 for plans that we perform the daily work on. If you have questions or concerns please consult with us first. Click on "Get Arrogant" to speak with us about your goals and needs.


Social Media Marketing/Automation

INquire about rates

We believe that social media is a misunderstood tool that can boost ones online presence through careful constructing of your online persona. We work with our clients to create a custom plan of brand development, strategically timed social media posts, carefully worded and branded posts, and constant analytical research to make sure we are producing the most effective content. We handle this so you can go about creating and running your business while your social media works for you. We aggressively work to provide organic interaction for all of our clients. Click on "Get Arrogant" to speak with us about your goals and needs.


Press Releases

Pricing Varies with Custom Packages

Part of developing your own brand is publicity. We strive to put our clients in the best light by getting their brand into publications that help develop their résumé and market awareness. We will put out press releases for any business announcement you need to make. If you want a buzz around your product contact us regarding this option. Publicity is key and we want to open new doors for you. Click on "Get Arrogant" to speak with us about your goals and needs.

Photo by Dan K

Photo by Dan K

Digital Distribution

Competitive rates

At Arrogant we understand that options for digital distribution can get expensive. We strive to offer you digital distribution options to make it more affordable and easy to do. We work with major digital distribution companies to get your work into all avenues possible but do so at a lowered rate as a benefit to you. When you become part of the Arrogant Marketing team we look out for you and your money. Ask us for details and we will gladly guide you through one of the most cost saving measures we offer today. Click on "Get Arrogant" to speak with us about your goals and needs.

Photo by Dan K

Photo by Dan K

Playlist and Publication Placement

Pricing varies on selected packages

Getting music on different sites and playlists to increase brand awareness, SEO, and publicity is something we offer with a twist. We offer traditional placement services but also teach our clients how to use these to their advantage in strategic ads so as to maximize traffic for their work. Getting a product feature in a publication is easy, turning that placement into new leads/sales is our specialty. Ask us how we can help turn traditional placement into an opportunity for you. Click on "Get Arrogant" to speak with us about your goals and needs.


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