“Life without knowledge is death in disguise”

Talib Kweli

There are characters who are archetypes that we study. There are those who are bombastic and loud, those who energetic and relentless, then there are artists who are a calm quiet storm that comes out of the shadows and disappears just as quick. Walt Deez is that. An enigma, an incredible artist who strikes from beyond and lives with the smallest social media footprint imaginable. One who sustains his creativity without the dual reality that is the internet. Walt Deez is a familiar name in the state of New Mexico. Largely popular with his peers in the growing music scene, he has recently released a project produced by Just Q. He also has a recently released single produced by E-Jacobs productions. This artist has been a staple in the hip hop scene of the southwest and is taking his message to the streets. If you seek to understand more of the artist you can find his music on all digital streaming and downloading platforms and you can find his videos on youtube. Outside of that Walt Deez will remain the artist in hiding, striking from a distance and then disappearing once again, anytime he graces the scene with his presence it means more music and we are happy to share it with the world.