The Long and Winding Road


“Rap music is the only vital form of music since introduced since Punk Rock”

Kurt Cobain

Rap is rooted in rebellion. Consumers of hip hop seem to forget that hip hop was never suppose to play by a set of rules, that the genre was supposed to be an honest representation of the life of its urban populace. As listeners of hip hop age they complain that the roots have been forgotten, that the youth should respect its elders and that hip hop should still sound “respectable”. The essence of hip hop is to see what has come before and to say “fuck that”. Hip hop in it’s early stages was fighting against the rising tide of disco and pop only to create an entirely new genre and vision. The early 90’s saw hip hop enter the court system and fight for its right to exist, the government had all but declared war on the art. Now as it enters into its next phase people will debate what is “real hip hop” and “mumble rap” or other derogative sub-genre descriptors. Some artists create music without attempting to engage in the conversation of true vs not true hip hop. Some artists are only seeing one vision and one path there. Vee Tha Rula is one of those artists.

Vee Tha Rula is an artist neck deep in the tour circuit as this goes to press. Making stops all over the United States and creating new fans and expanding his brand. The artist was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and a veteran of the Arizona hip hop scene. His rise to fame started around the release of Rula 2 in early 2015. As he is traveling around the country he is pushing his latest project titled Konfetti. The road to fame is not paved with gold, the road to success is subjective, as most artists are happy with their name in the marquee, the artist on the path to greater success has to remain unsatisfied, largely unfulfilled, grateful but wanting, never complacent, never pleased. Vee tha Rula is on that long and winding road towards more projects, larger productions, longer tours, and undying fame. The game has its way of weeding out those without dedication. Vee tha Rula is not one to forget about, not one to write off. His climb has been a steady rise and for those who are new to his music, get familiar as his art continues to make waves.