Rahney RedHat Forever

Photo @ Dirtbag Dan Show 

Photo @ Dirtbag Dan Show 

Rahney is the battle rapper who has untapped resources of talent, an impressive résumé, a merchandise store that sells more items than rappers sell albums, and social media accounts that will have you laughing all day. Rahney has a classic story of success, a picked himself up by the bootstraps tale. With a history of run ins with the law he emerged from the cell and came out swinging in the battle rap scene. With non-stop hit battles from 2016 to now the inertia he is riding is showing no signs of slowing down. He earned his Redhat moniker by being a guest on Ruin Your Day's watch and having everyone talking shit about him while wearing a redhat. He was relatively unknown at the time until he rocketed to stardom with a one of a kind battle filmed with top of the line film industry cameras against Human. Catch the wav and see why everyone hates to love and loves to hate Rahney Redhat Forever.


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