Leave The Spam In The Can

5 Top Marketing Youtube Channels

As a social media lover, I can attest the annoyance of receiving a video in my inbox directly after approving a friend request. It's not just me and it comes off as amateur and annoying. Ten times out of ten I do not click the link and watch/listen to its content.  Before you force YouTube/SoundCloud links on your friends/fans get to know who your market consist of. Perhaps let your new audience see a few posts from you, this will give them an idea about who you are. Another annoying tactic is when someone tags you and a 100 other random people in a link. All day you will receive notifications from the post and end up un-tagging yourself. These are not marketing moves, in fact they are considered SPAM.  These types of antics will not get you far in growing your brand or fan base.

Spam versus Marketing, its important to know the difference. You can avoid being that artist/business person who relies on useless spam tactics. The worst thing about this is the time wasted. Time is precious, and time is money, so let’s utilize it rather than be wasteful with it. Getting your content out is not the only challenge, getting it to the correct people is the biggest and most important challenge when trying to grow your brand. People tend to forget that not everyone is into the type of music or service they provide. You must find who these people are. YouTube is the go to for everything when advice is needed. I have compiled a list of my 5 YouTube channels for marketing advice, tutorials, and tips.


Neil Patel is a favorite. He’s an entrepreneur who has founded many websites and has even helped large companies such as Amazon increase their revenue. President Obama recognized him in the 100 entrepreneurs under 30. Neil is loud when he speaks but he’s just excited to get you this marketing information. Click the link to check out his YouTube channel and watch his videos.

Neil Patel









HubSpot is another great choice for YouTube videos, the cool thing about HubSpot is they have a bunch of free courses, on digital marketing such as SEO, Facebook Ads, sales, driving sales, and more. Most of the important features of this website are free, check out their YouTube channel and visit their website to take advantage of their free online courses. 







Moz is amazing! If you’re getting your website up and going and don’t know where to start this YouTube channel is a good place to start. SEO and having a strong presence on the internet is so important in growing your brand/business. Moz has a cool segment called White Board Fridays which is basically a how-to series that’s very helpful for beginners. Hit the link below to see.




Brian Dean has a very informative YouTube channel. If you have taught yourself the basics of web and digital marketing, his channel is would be helpful. He gives tips on how to set up your SEO and create more traffic to your site. Click the link below to see for yourself.        





Chris "Kubby" Kubbernus is helpful in running your social media campaigns. His videos are centered around social media growth. He even has a few how to videos which are most helpful.





With all this free information on the internet, SPAM should be a thing of the past. You may want to call in a team of experts to help you if you’re really wanting to see a growth rate quickly.  I highly recommend taking advantage of the free resources that are available to you. Its 2018 use the resources around you and most of all contact us to see how we can help you.