Visuals and Marketing

Why are visuals important?

Have you been putting effort into building your online presence while branding yourself, and not making much of a wave? Well, you are in the right spot. There are some things you should ask yourself and the first one should be what visuals am I using and how good are they? When branding yourself or business visuals are going to play a key role in success. Visuals are most effective when trying to capture an audience and here are a few reasons why. Humans process and retain information the best through visuals. It is 2018 and the internet has grown tremendously, researchers from the University of San Diego have estimated that media consumption for humans is at an average, of 15.5 hours a day. This is almost unbelievable, but I’m not arguing research. So, keep up with the changes in the market if you to want to be successful.



I bet you just glanced at that meme above and we hope you laughed a bit or at least smirked. Nearly everyone is familiar with what a meme is, did you know the term meme goes all the way back to 1976. The concept came from a biologist named Richard Dawkins. Dawkins published a book called “The Selfish Gene” in which he claimed ideas were like organisms, they can spread and mutate. He also noted that some ideas just like organisms would grow more rapidly than others. He called the concept “mimeme”; which means replicated in Greek. Memes are probably the easiest and cheapest marketing concept you are not using! Memes definitely use them, be creative and captivate your audience with a visual joke!

You see now?


 Memes are fairly easy to make and even easier to find online. Customizing your product with logo placement or original ideas will help you to stand out. There are some free apps available in the app store that allow you to create free visual content, like memes, infographics, cover photos, and fliers. I gave Canva a try and it was easy for the most part but time-consuming. I had to put no less than an hour or two to get a shareable product. Time is money with us at Arrogant! We choose to just let the professionals take care of it for our sites and pages. It’s a small price to pay for such a large part of our marketing campaigns. The choice is yours but always keep in mind what you put out is what people expect and acknowledge you and your brand. If your flyer or meme looks amateur people are less likely to expect much out of you, or your brand. Don’t expect people to take your business seriously if you are not willing to present it seriously.