Emergence of A Powerful Voice

Lexy Pettis has seemingly just arrived to the music scene in Albuquerque. However her story has started at a much younger age. She has been thrown into music by chance and family ties and now at this current moment she is making her mark all over the major metropolitan scene of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is getting herself booked across the city in different venues with new opportunities knocking at her door every week or so. She is currently recording at local recording powerhouse of a studio named Blitzar Studios that is set to take Albuquerque by storm with its catalog release later this summer. Lexy is not only one of those artists recording at the studio but also is releasing a single on July 29th on all digital streaming platforms. Her first recorded single is being released with support from Arrogant Marketing. Be on the lookout for her single and album releases, but also be on the lookout for her shows all over the city including an upcoming show at Duel Brewery, September 1st.