Music is like a dream, a Pandora’s box, a fun house of mirrors of the psyche of collective consciousness. This is harnessed by the intuitive nature of the artist. The artist is granted a platform as a societal contract, we laud our artists with fame, fortune and fanfare with the promise that they will be our muse, our jester, our escape from reality. Their job is to entertain, to foster further creativity, to make us feel, to create an environment of philosophical exploration. This is Heaven.

Music is an art form that escapes the vast majority of those who don’t seek it as a profession and even more of those who do seek it as a profession. To create beautiful art one has to key in to the desires, emotions, and energy that people resonate with. A figurative fountain of souls and experience must be tapped into and the energy retained and translated into notes, rhythms, patterns and words. The experience can be cathartic and emotionally draining. What so many “artists” choose to focus on is the structure, the compounds that make the final product. They stress over rhythms, melodies and words so intensely that they forget to put the soul into their work, or maybe they never had the soul to add.

Heaven is not that. Heaven is a documentation of a group of young artists that transcends its genre, rides the line of expression in contemporary trends and presents itself as genuine art. There is no missing key in this project.

The evolution of Suede School from the irreverent hip hop duo to their current form seems to be a journey of self exploration. As the debut album deals with a youthful energy and a sense of wanting to buck the system, the third release or first EP deals with entirely new subject matter.

Guap is the introduction to the EP and the soundscape is reminiscent of the fabled mumble rap genre (fabled is used here as the term is a misnomer and many contemporary artists are lumped into this sub-genre by old heads for lack of understanding of the artistic vision/expression of said artists). It’s melodic, the lyrics are uttered with a comfort and ease that can be aligned in that sub-genre if one really wanted to pigeonhole the project. It’s content is still very Suede, stylistically smooth and fashionable. The following tracks move along with similar artistic vision, every track’s extracted meaning similar to the philosophical expression of Jean-Paul Sarte. The EP seems to explore the idea that as humans we create our own value and meaning out of our experiences. Of course this is all a subjective experience, but isn’t that what great art ought to do, cause us as an audience to explore meaning, and think?!

This is celestial, the empyrean, Godly. This is Heaven.