Who is Reckless?

Battle rap is an art, a science, a mix of many different worlds that all collide disrespectfully. Benji Reckless exemplifies that world. A battle rapper who is familiar with the constant travel, the non-stop shameless self promotion, the never-ending writing and more than anything the ring. Benji Reckless is the kind of battle rapper than will meme you to death and travel to your hometown to bar you to death. He was a recent winner in the battle of the beards in Albuquerque, New Mexico at Universal Battle Realm’s event “Waffles”. After his first UBR appearance he quickly became adopted as one of UBR’s own.

Albuquerque, New Mexico is a confluence of car theft, drugs, poverty, and battle rap crowds so tough they will heckle you worse than your own opponent. Reckless proved to bar his way through the storm and survived what is aptly nicknamed “the thunderdome”. A recent convert to the Arrogant Marketing family he seeks to make his imprint on the world by pushing his art to the world. He has been featured in Playboy X’s bars of the month for September, he has been featured on BattleRapHighlights a media page on instagram, he has been on a GZ MASS card as of late and also had a recent IBATTLETV battle. This man takes no hostages, spares no opponent and seeks to improve his dominance in upcoming bout against crowd favorite 9, at UBR’s Fall Classic. Catch Benji Reckless with his slick merch co-opting the 90’s rock/grunge/punk movement and catch his battles on every notable battle rap platform today. Watch below for one of his latest and greatest. Reckless Takeover is in full effect!