The Shine


The Shine recently released their debut self-titled album as of April 14th 2018. The album is a culmination of work from emcee/photographer/artist Dan K with bassist Jerm, vocalist Perfectly Spoken (PS) and drummer Emilio. This band is the musical masterpiece of many notable New Mexico musicians who have come together to put rock music back on the map in the state and country. Their style is raw and reminiscent of 90's rock bands that have the energy to make music great again. You catch them on the road coming this September with a slew of NM legends hitting the road with them. Keep an eye on them as they are sitting on a back catalog of amazing music that will be released throughout the year and easily into 2019. If you can find a better band in New Mexico you are lying to yourself.


Keep up with the guys on their social media links below and listen to the album on Spotify right here.