Misled Youth

“Hope is the great deceiver. Hope is the piper who leads us sleepy to our slaughter”

We put a lot of stock into our goals, we place an undying energy behind this vision of ours. Materializing it is another story altogether and so many will fall by the wayside because in the end it’s easier to believe than it is to do. How many men and how many dreams have died on this very soil? What’s worse a lost life or a lost dream? Giving your everything to something to never get anything in return, is that blind and false or is that true dedication and love? Is it misled or is it faith?!

The rap game honestly requires a lot of faith, determination, drive, tough skin to handle critics and of course business acumen. Without all of the above it is a case of misled youth. There are more than a dime a dozen of hip hop artists and promising careers in hip hop at a young age can change at any given moment due to unforeseen circumstances, there are those who are clearly on a path towards success and it’s apparent in their activity and music. We list a few of them to posit the question who is up next?!

Streetbud is a recent signee to the label So So Def and the recent winner of The Rap Game season 4 handpicked by Jermaine Dupri he is being prepared for a career. His most notable track that shows promise is “Ballin”.

Another notable artist that is gaining a lot of stream is YNW Bslime with his surprise hit “Slime Dreams” with over 5 million streams on SoundCloud and his more popular and notorious older brother YNW Melly he is almost certain to have a promising career as well.

A growing artist who has made a name for himself out of the Southwest United States is Beanz Valentino. His status as a up and comer is solidified with being an opening act for the likes of T.I., E-40, Snoop Dogg, MGK, 2Chainz, and Baby Bash. He’s making waves and touring often keep an eye on him as he expands his fan base across the country.

There is the young Smooky MarGielaa who hit the scene two years ago and is starting to gain some serious traction. His music fits the bill for popular culture at the moment and it’s something that most would listen to if he received the kind of promotion and marketing that a major label artist received.

These are the youngest up and comers that are forging a new path of their own. We can be critical of them for not fitting into some outdated mold of who and what they should be or embrace the change that they bring and look forward to a new future with brave new worlds of hip hop. We choose which path we follow, and it is only us that can allow ourselves to be misled or not.