Each one, Teach one.

“Sure, there are little victories here and there that may seem like lucky breaks, but luck is simply when preparation meets opportunity”

Ari Herstand

The passageways of this labyrinth are treacherous. It can be daunting and filled with pitfalls, yet some navigate it to share their knowledge with others, providing a roadmap to the industry of entertainment and music. These individuals are considered teachers/leaders. It’s an important task they run, working within the territories of industry and providing an introduction to it as well.

PThe Politician

PThe Politician

One such leader is PThe Politician. This pioneer has provided a service of listening, reviewing and sharing artists work across international boundaries. He has a loyal fanbase in his state of South Carolina, across the United States, internationally as well with artists and fans listening as far away as The Republic of Belarus. One of his long time running #1 charting artists hails from this location and is a supporter of the movement as well. His name is Vitali Sychov with his track “Don’t Cry”.

PThe Politician periodically will play his own music, he is a modest artist, periodically playing his own music. It’s very rare but equally as good. He is one of those humble business people who seek to showcase the talent of the world and he is doing an exceptional job at it. You can find out more about his radio station and programs by following the link below. Make sure to tune in to his programming for great music, great talk/advice and learn how you can promote your music.

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