8 Bit

“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world”

An arid land with temperatures that make living seem unbearable might seem like the wrong place to some, maybe even most. However, one artist is luckily in that place and creating art that is creating ripples that turn to waves in the desert landscape. This desert is a desert for more than one reason, it is the wild west. The region has a lack of gun laws so people are armed to the teeth, a desert of opportunity, a desert of success, a deserted economy, yet some still manage to create their own path and manage to do it with precision and exceptional quality.

The artist who has recreated hip hop in his own image and concept is Mega Ran. He has developed a unique sound in a homogenous soundscape mixing 8-bit music aspects with hip hop, nerd-core content and video game influence to enable the genre to evolve outside its past identifiers. This up and coming artist is one of those success stories where people might wonder how he came up “overnight”. What most artists don’t recognize is that the finished product they see is the result of long hours, long days, constant networking, grueling tours, diligent marketing, and non-stop belief in self. Mega Ran is one of those artists that took his rap game to a whole new level with his ability to incorporate different markets into his career. He is known for video game rap, nerd-core and other sub-genre names, but in all honesty it is just hip hop that is clever, punchy, fun and accessible to a wide audience. Mega Ran may not have a corporate team of marketers, advertising executives, publicists and the like but he does have the drive to create his own lane and do so exceptionally well! His latest project titled “The Dewey Decibel System” is in solid form and does not disappoint!

The artist has recently made regional headlines and social media buzz with his Arizona colleague Bag of Tricks Cat. They recently hit the Billboard Charts with their album Emerald Knights 2. This album is a solid piece of Southwest history as it hits charts and makes an entire region proud!

The artist is destined for great things and has been constantly creating praise worthy content for years! A humble artist who truly engages with his fans and friends to create a solid wave of support. There are many reasons to appreciate the artist known as Mega Ran. Listen to the music and join the movement!