Abandon Soulz

Abandon Soulz

Hip hop is a strange creature. It has genres and sub genres that mold and bend and break and flex and span every imaginable aspect of the human emotional scale. It’s wavy, occurring in strange rhythmic patterns of succession. One wave begets another and as the waves keep coming there are remnants of the past in the current wave. We see hip hop regress and revert to styles of yesteryear just reinvented with a contemporary feel. Some call it a harkening back to the golden era, a refusal to be relegated to the past. Some just see it as expression, plain and simple.

One specific artist out of Massachusetts is bringing a style similar to that of late 90’s east coast hip hop. The east coast influences out there always had a flair for metaphor and simile. This specific group exemplifies that and also seems to have an influence from the rap stylings of Ultramagnetic MCs and Kool Keith. Abandon Soulz is that group diving into the murky waters of hip hop sub genre to create something completely different from what is the current mainstream. The music is chill, with a very easy coastal production style.

Listen to the artists as they expand out of their region into radio, podcast, playlists and press. This artist is definitely worth the spins.

Gabriel Barrio